SnowballZ needs developers, map creator, artits and any other skill you can provide to make this already popular game complete. I have put effort into making the code clean and understandable; easy to get started working on.

Getting the code

The SnowballZ 1.0 is in a revision control system called Mercurial. You can get the latest stuff over at bit bucket

Instructions are provided there if you are not familiar with Mercurial.

You will also need, in addition to python 2.5, pyglet, rabbyt and iniparse installed.

Where to start

You can start anywhere you like really, but here is a small list I've put together to get you started. If one of them interests you and you want to work on it please let me know so I can announce it so others won't redundantly work on it too.

Small easy stuff

Content stuff

Hard, challenging, FUN stuff.

But of course, you are free to implement anything. Although I would recommend consulting me (joey at thisdomain) before implementing features. I will still control the main repository, this site and the direction of this project. I'd hate for you to implement something that I don't think would follow the style of SnowballZ.

Further development

Of course, there are a whole lot of other things to do such as plugins, more scripting features, map distribution system etc. I'll probably end up doing the aforementioned things but if you are wanting to get deeper into the development of snowballz let me know and I'll help you get going.

If you have any questions what so ever do not hesitate to ask!