Python powered note taking... Gasket!

The light and simple note taking program for gnome

Gasket is a simple note taking program I made for gnome. I liked the simplicity of kjots for KDE and the icons in basket (also for KDE). I combined the two into one light GTK program written in 208 lines of clean python code. It still doesn't have all the features I want such as handling hyper links, but it will!


If you have easy_install installed on your computer, you can simply run:

$ sudo easy_install gasket

Otherwise you can download it at the python cheese shop


Make sure that you have the python bindings for gtk and glade! It won't run without them!


If you like gasket and have any suggestions or made any improvements to it, please email me at joey _at_ arcticpaint com to let me know! I like random people around the internet giving me feedback. :)